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The Nyika Vwaza (UK) Trust

Working for environmental & wildlife conservation in Northern Malawi

The Nyika Vwaza Trust

The Nyika-Vwaza Trust (NVT UK) is a charity supporting conservation in Nyika National Park and the Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, both located in north-western Malawi.

Aims of the Nyika Vwaza Trust:

  • To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the Nyika and Vwaza;
  • To support the education of the public in the conservation of nature generally and, in particular, the environment of the Nyika and Vwaza;
  • To act as an advocate for conservation of the Nyika, Vwaza and the surrounding communities at the local, national and international levels

We are the only trust solely dedicated to conserving the precious wildlife and habitats of Northern Malawi, in particular the Nyika National Park and the Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve. Although protected by law, these are delicate ecosystems vulnerable to the ravages of fire and neglect through lack of financial resources.

Conservation and education — with your support

NVT UK helps teach local communities the importance of the environment and the harmful consequences of poaching, deforestation and killing animals that raid crops.

We support research in ways to replace the income that communities earn through lucrative trade in bush meat and edible orchids.

The Trust offers grants to research issues of significant conservation concern, to support environmental management in the Nyika and Vwaza.

Contributors are registered as Friends of The Trust and receive newsletters, updating you on our conservation programmes and on flora and fauna issues.

With your help, we can fund these programmes that fulfil our objectives.

Where are Nyika and Vwaza?