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Nyika National Park Fauna, Flora and Bibliography

In 2017 NVT published ‘Nyika – A guide to Nyika National Park, Malawi‘ by Sigrid Anna Johnson. This has now been issued as a pdf (with minor revisons): Nyika – A guide to Nyika National Park, Malawi (2023 PDF Edition). We are most grateful to Sigrid for making the guide freely available.

NVT has prepared species checklists, and a bibliography to assist researchers and visitors.

Please follow the links to see details of the Fauna and Flora found in Nyika National Park:

Nyika Bird List

Nyika Bird Checklist

Nyika Butterfly Checklist, revised 2019

Nyika and Vwaza Fish Checklist

Nyika and Vwaza Mammals Checklist

Nyika and Vwaza Reptiles & Amphibians Checklist

Nyika Mollusc Checklist

Nyika and Vwaza Aquatic Invertebrates Checklist

Nyika Plant Checklist  Further descriptive detail on each listed species and drawings of many of them can be found in the original publication which is also available as pdf downloads:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We have also prepared a detailed Bibliography. This provides information of publications covering all aspects of the Nyika and Vwaza Marsh.  Nyika and Vwaza bibliography.

If you are aware of material that should be included in the Bibliography please let us know, so that it can be updated.